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Фото, сделанные другими фотоаппаратами NIKON:

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Фото, сделанные COOLPIX P1000 (NIKON)

A Maasai youth looks on to the older boys of the tribe who are demonstrating traditional Maasai dance, Isoitok Camp, Manyara area, Tanzania.
MADONNA AND CHILD A lioness with one of her cubs - the one that never ventured far from momma. They sat under the shade of an acacia near a kopje, napping and intermittently suckling - Serengeti
THE APPROACH It's LION KING day, and to commemorate this exciting film, I'll be focusing exclusively on my Panthera leo images from Tanzania! This print is offered as part of my lion recovery initiative.
THE LION KING Woohoo! The Lion King opens today in the states and you know I'll be there! Very stoked for the new film. Who's with me? This print is offered as part of my lion recovery initiative.
GOOD MORNING SIMBA! This little simba was watching other siblings playing between the protection of the kopje and his mother about 40 feet away. They would run between cuddling and suckling with her, under the shade of an acacia, to frolicking in and around the rocks. He even let out an early vocalization that sounded much like a domestic cat - completely fascinating!

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