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Фото, сделанные COOLPIX P900 (NIKON)

Pachyderm Sunset
NGORONGORO LANDSCAPE A view from inside the crater and conservation area. How the clouds touch the mountains. On the lake, there are so many beautiful flamingos, and animals around the perimeter.
SOUL OF THE PLANET An African elephant takes a stroll in Tarangire National Park - a sacred space known for its many pachyderms.
UNDER THE ACACIA Classic Serengeti feel. A cheetah lounging after a big feed, and an acacia tree, in which you often find animals in, or under. Sometimes it is lions, or leopards with a kill, or any number of animals in the afternoon for shade and rest during the intense heat of the day. I've overlaid the two for a double exposure effect that for me, is quintessentially Africa.
CAPE BUFFALO :water_buffalo: Cape Buffalo catches some shade during the afternoon.
BULL AFRICAN ELEPHANT Magnificent presence. Serengeti plains.

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